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An icon in Honduras, the large and gothic style Basílica de Suyapa dominates the hillsides south of Tegucigalpa, and is known for its brilliant stained-glass windows dating back to 1954.Inside, a tiny painted wooden statue, only six centimeters tall, represents La Virgen de Suyapa, the patron saint of all Central America.

The interior, with its tasteful neo-classic décor, can seat 3000 spectators; the magnificent Bohemian.crystal chandelier has 365 lights, one for each day of the year.

It combines a museum, virtual chocolate factory, chocolate-making demonstrations and of course, the all important tasting.

York’s the home of the Terry’s Chocolate Orange and also the Kit Kat, so there’ll be plenty of familiar treats to tempt your taste buds.

Left in ruins, it was restored at the beginning of the 1900’s by L. It is a huge four-sided building with towers, merlons and large windows and it is surrounded by a moat. Le Grazie The church is one of the most important buildings of the Italian Renaissance. Solari in the Gothic-Lombard styles and in 1492, Bramante added the apse, cloister and sacristy.

Accommodation in a Deluxe room, including breakfast. We calculate this discount percentage based on the rates we offer compared to the hotel's website rate.

Filled with replica Roman, Viking, Mediaeval and Victorian artefacts, give your kid a trowel and bring out their inner archaeologist.