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I can say from experience that these relationships are risky.If they don’t work out (and mine did not), dealing with the outcome can be more trouble than it’s worth. Come well dressed, but not like it's a grocery store prom.Have you ever wondered how much money your boss makes?"'How come you are paying this regional president this much, and I'm only making this much?Chianti Jones, a former employee who worked in the Prepared Foods section of the Whole Foods Market store in Metairie, Louisiana, filed a sexual harassment, hostile work environment, race discrimination, and retaliation lawsuit against the company on October 29, 2010.

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In the book, he explains that his initial goal was to help employees understand why some people were paid more than others.On Wednesday, Whole Foods reported what is arguably its worst performance in a decade, announcing its sixth consecutive quarter of falling same-store sales and cutting its outlook for the year.The company is closing nine stores, the most it has ever closed at one time. [Your favorite organic brand is actually owned by a multinational food company] The problem is one that chief executive John Mackey probably didn’t predict when he first opened Whole Foods as a neighborhood natural foods store 36 years ago: Organics, then a fringe interest, have become so thoroughly mainstream that organic chains now have to face conventional big-box competitors.The rationale against mixing business and pleasure is sound, but office romances continue to be quite prolific.

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Career Builder’s Annual Valentine’s Day Survey was released this week, and it’s loaded with some surprising statistics: – Nearly 23% of people (more commonly women) have dated someone in a higher position than them.Hey, let's not turn this into some catchy (yet disgusting) Robin Thicke song! You don't have to be single while trying to pick up girls at Whole Foods, but you should be. You're not a sud sucker -- you're a goddamn WHOLE FOODS CASANOVA. Are you trying to find something delicious to talk over or something to pair with dinner, Ms. Act like your fridge at home is curated like a museum without coming across like an asshole. They did not meet at the grocery store, but did purchase some beer and hummus while there.