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Shakespeare's language can seem very foreign to us, but it hasn’t survived this long for no good reason!

Think of some of the great lines from his plays that we all recognise and use today: “wild goose chase”, “it’s Greek to me”, “the long and short of it”, “you’ve got to be cruel to be kind”, “seen better days”, “all the world’s a stage”, “you suffer green-eyed jealousy”, “you can’t have too much of a good thing” and many more.

Zoe has a one-night stand with Michael Feldmann and a fling with Archie Brooks. Zoe meets interior designer Emma Nightingale (Rachel Ambler) and they begin a relationship.

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She returns the following year and helps Frank with his drinking problem, which he developed during the breakdown of his marriage to Kim.

Following her graduation, Zoe also moves to the village and finds employment at a surgery in Hotten.