Updating xp embedded

05-Aug-2016 16:19

It is a shining example of what happens when Microsoft gets it right, bringing embedded features to the table, at a time the industry was crying out for desktop functionality in a much scaled down form.

EWF/FBWF, the WF being ‘write filter’ – by far the most important as it kills three birds with a single stone (Thomas Hobbes would be proud).

As we are waiting for the Microsoft Santa to slide down our Data Center air conditioning duct later today to deliver a delicious package of patches (did you leave some floppy disks and a can of red bull out for him?

Higher performance hardware platforms are available, but that middle ground focusing on providing the optimum platform for single use embedded applications concentrated on lower power, reducing operating costs and saving the planet.[1] https:// For Business/End-of-IE-support [2] https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/lifecycle/search/default.aspx? Not to mention we are small and our "internet pipe" is small.I remember what those massive Windows 10 downloads did to our connection, it slowed to a crawl!Now I have to spend time scripting a way to daily run and disable the Win10 patches that will force an unwanted upgrade to my systems. More motivation to move the desktops to Linux, my servers are already there.

The definition of malware starts with "'Malware' is an umbrella term used to refer to a variety of forms of hostile or intrusive software..." If a user does not want Windows10 and Microsoft keeps back door-ing the upgrade process on the users equipment, to me (not that I matter much) this meets the definition of malware under "hostile or intrusive".From their perspective they are de facto unsupported. I tried to install the localised update for Windows XP SP3 x86 (Greek) and it failed stating that the update language does not match the os language. I downloaded the update from the stated form and I also tried downloading from the Catalog Update site but same result.