Sophos antivirus configure updating

11-Feb-2016 09:53

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However at least with Adobe Flash you can find if you look hard enough a standard package file to install Flash.

Sophos Endpoint Security and Control for Windows (also known as Sophos Anti-Virus) is a security application that provides a number of features for computer systems running Microsoft Windows, in particular protection against malware such as viruses.

It is therefore urgent to move all Macs to SAV9 by April 2014.

If you have no Windows Server, and can no longer use SUM, this leaves two more possibilities, first you could use the standalone SAV9 installer.

Unfortunately SUM only supports SAV8 and does not support SAV9.

SAV8 is being discontinued in April 2014 and does not officially support Mavericks.

If the Sophos updates fail and a white cross in a red circle appears in the corner of your Sophos shield , you should first do a manual update by right-clicking on the shield icon.Members of Oxford University may download and install the Sophos software on their own desktops and laptops.These instructions are primarily for people who want to install the Sophos software onto their personal laptop and/or desktop.You will see a dialog box with a progress bar as the files are extracted.

This may take a minute or two Once the files have been extracted the installation screen (shown below) will appear.

Please check with your local IT Support Staff about antivirus protection for college and departmental systems as local arrangements often apply, and installing the version intended for personal systems may cause problems.