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14-Oct-2016 16:17

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I am huge on movies and remember the dumb quotes in them - it never fails and am constantly made fun of by my BF; i love music but yet suck at naming music artists or even remembering the name of a song so if you ever want to know the name of a song im not the right person to ask but i can get the title for you off of soundhound (best app ever - they should pay me for spreading the word ha! Im currently living in hayward, I have a full time job but am currently on maternity leave for another 4-6 weeks.

Im looking for a REAL friend not a relationship with someone that will be down to get together and catch a movie, go shopping, just go for a walk, come by the house and have a movie night and drink a few beers or margaritas, etc and bbq (not me cause i suck at cooking but i try, but my bf loves to bbq and man is it delicious).

”I replied, “this is my house, and sorry, these are for my wife.” “Ohhhhh” she said, “you must be Sue’s husband” ” yes, that would be me.” I said, as I detected the strong odor of alcohol on her. As I passed the living room and kitchen, I got a few squeals and giggles.

”“Well, we ladies are having a little party.” She giggled, “I think Sue is out on the deck.” So, that is where I headed.

My new husband David is purchasing a larger sailboat.

I have long black hair past my shoulders and of course I have the same below and just a little too much of it was poking out around the edges of that narrow strip style of bottom.

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