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26-Oct-2016 13:41

At a depth of 3539 m in the drill hole at Vostok station, sharp changes in stable isotopes and the gas content of the ice delineate the boundary between glacier ice and ice accreted through re-freezing of lake water.

Unlike most gases, helium and neon can be incorporated into the crystal structure of ice during freezing, making helium and neon isotopes in the accreted ice a valuable source of information on lake environment.

We will present isotope measurements from the deep section of the Vostok ice core that encompasses the boundary between the glacier ice and accreted ice and extends further down to the ice–water interface.

Neon exhibits a constant concentration, in line with its atmospheric origin through the melting of glacier ice.

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75A2162 Inferences on Lake Vostok renewal time and local deep ice-sheet dynamics from helium and neon isotopes Philippe Jean-Baptiste, Elise Fourré, Jean-Robert Petit, Vladimir Lipenkov, Sergey Bulat Corresponding author: Philippe Jean-Baptiste Corresponding author e-mail: fr Lake Vostok, the largest subglacial lake in Antarctica, is covered by the East Antarctic ice sheet, which varies in thickness between 37 m.

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