California laws on minors dating adults

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The Department, its agencies, officers and employees do not warrant the accuracy, reliability, completeness or timeliness of any information herein and may not be held liable for any losses or other consequences caused by any person's reliance on such information. Junior Firefighters Federal Prohibited Occupations A. Truancy laws passed in 1887 required children under 15 to attend at least 16 weeks of school in a school year to work in manufacturing and mechanical workplaces.The text included in this publication reflects the law and/or rules in effect at the time of publication, but is subject to change without notice. The Maine Department of Labor provides equal opportunity in employment and programs. Social reforms at the turn of the century focused attention on the conditions under which children were working.

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Telephone: (207) 623-7900 TTY: Maine relay 711 Fax: (207) 623-7934 Introduction History of Maine Child Labor Laws Poster Work Permits School Attendance Legal Work Hours for Minors A. In 1915, the Maine Legislature stipulated that children under 14 could not work during the hours that public schools were in session.

I have read the penal codes and they are confusing so I thought I would ask you about it.

Could you please tell me everything and maybe show me laws to give me a little more confidence? Dear Jeff, It seems arbitrary that sex with your girlfriend becomes illegal when you reach your eighteenth birthday, but it's true.

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